Of the students,
for the students,
by the students!

ITDA means to "connect" in Korean. ITDA with students around you sharing same interest!

By connecting students, ITDA reinvent the campus experience and empower students to take ownership of learning.

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Key Features

Study Cafe & Life Hack

Study Cafe allows students to share their study tips and create university knowledge base. Life hack focuses on sharing tips experience and tips about the city.

Help Community

An ad-hoc function where students can help especially during Covid-19 crisis such as to share a temparutre meter. Help request will appear to students in proximity.

Virtual Cafe & Itda Square

Randomly meet new classmates in the virtual cafe, where you share your interests. On itda square you can schedule jogging or museum tour.


Are you a student? We value your feedback and your idea can drive the development!

Are you university staff member? Get in touch with us to schedule a demo and support us on our path!

Help to settle down

When students join the university, they often come from different cities and more from different countries. To quickly settle, they can reach out to ITDA student community, ask help, and make new friends.

Expand your network

Often students stick to the bubble of their classmates and find it challenging to meet people outside of their faculty or campus. ITDA makes it easy to reach out to students from other faculties to share different perspectives on day-to-day challenges.

Enhance peer learning

We are believers that students understand the best by doing. We want to connect students to study in groups before exams, share their expertise, and create a larger knowledge base. ITDA allows us to make such connections where students can meet online and later on in-person.

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